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Basic Tools

Here are the tools that I most commonly use when working on models. Although there are a lot of other tools around, I will provide information on the ones that I use most frequently.

Hobby Knife

The most important modeling tool. There are various of shapes of blades. I like to use the curved blade the most.


These are used to remove parts from their runners. One side of the cutter blade is flat, which leaves an even stub on the model part when the sprue is cut away. You can substitute a pair of wire cutters or even toe nail cutters in a pinch.

Tweezers (Type 01)

Used to hold small parts for placement or painting.

Tweezers (Type 02)

I use this kind of tweezer for placing stickers or gluing.

Double Head Hand Drill

A hand-held drill, mostly used for building resin kits. It can also be used for making small details on plastic kits as well.

Dremel Electric Drill

A very important tool for building resin kits, as it speeds up the drilling process for large scale kits. Depending on the attachment installed, it can be used for sanding, polishing, grinding, or creating "damage" effects.


Another powerful sanding tool (especially for resin kits), it can be used to create lines for plastic or resin kit as well. There are many different shapes and grips for filers, but I find that the curved shape filer is the most useful one (and this would be the one to choose if you only intend on buying one filer).

Metal Needle

Another tool that I use to create lines for plastic or resin kits.

Metal Brush

It's a great tool for cleaning filers.

Updated on 2002 Jan 8 by Richard Waszczuk
Created on 2002 Jan 3 by Richard Waszczuk